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Sewage Removal in Greater Little Rock & NW Arkansas

When toilets overflow or sewer systems are backed-up, the resulting floodwaters may contain toxins, disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. To remedy the situation at your home or office, your best option is to contact our proven professionals from Anchor Services. They have the equipment and experience to eliminate your plumbing problem.

Different Categories of Sewage Water

When water from your sewage system overflows at your home or office, there are three different categories of water damages that can occur depending on the level of contamination involved. All three should be addressed immediately. The list includes:

Category 1 – Clean Water – When your toilet overflows without any fecal matter or urine mixed into it, this is called clean water. A malfunctioning toilet can cause this to happen.

Category 2 – Grey Water – This type of water has some contaminants and can cause illness or discomfort. Grey water may carry urine, dishwasher overflow, and sink overflow but no fecal matter.

Category 3 – Black Water – Because it includes fecal matter, this type of sewage water carries the most microbes and contaminants. This can cause severe illness and discomfort if a person comes in contact with it.

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Trust Anchor Services to Safely Deal with Sewage Removal

In Greater Little Rock & NW Arkansas, when you need help with sewage removal, Anchor Services is the company to call. With the right equipment and years of experience, our trained and certified professionals will quickly have things cleaned up and decontaminated to keep everyone safe. Our emergency crews are standing by 24-7 to take your call and to help you solve your sewage removal problems or other flooding issues. When you need our services, contact us online or simply call 479-888-5533 and help will get there soon.

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