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Water Damage Restoration in NW Arkansas & Little Rock

Water Damage can happen at any time and to anyone. All it takes is a major storm or an ill-timed plumbing leak. When damage occurs, the results can be devastating and quick action is required to prevent structural issues or potential health hazards.

Ignoring the situation only makes it worse. That could trigger mold growth, wood rot, or compromised structural integrity from bloated walls and floors. Fortunately for homeowners in Arkansas, Anchor Services specializes in restoration and remediation services when water damage occurs.

Effects of Water Damage

Water damage in a home is easy to detect. Telltale signs include a damaged ceiling, water stains on walls, and green or black spots that indicate areas where mold has started to grow. If your roof is leaking or a pipe has burst within your wall, these signs can help you locate where the problem is.

Other indicators include damaged furniture, musty smelling carpets, and ruined floorboards. If your floors have vinyl tiles, these will warp and come off the floor. When flooding or leaks happen, water damage cleanup should be a priority. 

Water Damage Can Be Dangerous

What happens when you ignore water damage for days without calling for professional help? The pooling water can cause structural damages to your home that will cost you a lot more to repair than a simple clean-up. If the water damage causes bacterial growth, several different types of mold can trigger respiratory ailments, headaches, rashes or asthma attacks. Toxic mold, which is black in color, can cause even more severe illness.

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Water Damage Repair and Restoration

At Anchor Services, our IICRC-certified technicians can apply the brakes to water damage as soon as you summon them to your home in the Greater Little Rock or Northwest Arkansas area. Our emergency crews are available on a round-the-clock basis, 7 days per week, when you experience flooding, leaks, toilet overflows, faulty water heaters or other issues that require immediate attention. When you need our help, contact us online or give us a call at 479-888-5533.


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