Boarding up and Roof Tarp Services

Boarding up and Roof Tarp Services in Arkansas

When a fire occurs, your problems don’t end when the last ember is extinguished. You will need to have your home assessed for repairs and restoration, and you will need to stay somewhere else while the until the restoration work is done. To ensure that everything inside your home remains safe, Anchor Services offers boarding up and roof tarp services for homeowners in Little Rock and Northwest Arkansas.

Our emergency crews are available on a 24/7 basis to provide boarding up and roof tarp services in your hour of need.

Protect Your Property with Anchor Services

We know how devastating a fire can be without adding the aggravation of lost belongings or additional damages caused by heartless thieves. By having your property tarped and boarded up by our certified specialists, you can rest easy knowing that your contents and property will remain safe from intruders. Tarping also protects your property from inclement weather, which can cause additional damage to your home and its contents.

Ready to Help at a Moment’s Notice

When your home has been ravaged by a fire, you need help immediately. That is why our crews from Anchor Services stand ready to secure your home and your belongings at a moment’s notice.Not only will we board up and tarp your property to keep

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your items secure, we can even install a temporary fence around the area to keep intruders away while the restoration work is done. When you need our services in the Greater Little Rock & NW Arkansas areas, contact us online or give us a call at 479-888-5533 to have our team protect your home from theft, vandalism, and further water damage.

Awards & Affiliation

  • IICRC Award and Affiliation
  • DKI Award and Affiliation