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Content Restoration in Greater Little Rock & NW Arkansas

When a disaster impacts your home or office, it is not only the structure that gets damaged. The contents of the building are also harmed, although many appliances, couches, chairs, tables, legal documents and other items can be restored by the certified technicians from Anchor Services.

Before you throw away any of your belongings that have sustained water, fire, smoke or soot damages, be sure to consider content restoration. Despite the damaged appearance of your items in the wake of a disaster, many high-end and treasured possessions can still be salvaged.

What is Content Restoration?

Items that have been damaged in disasters are often deemed worthless by homeowners and business owners during the clean-up stage. But that is not the case. Through content restoration, anything that is made from wood or fabric can be restored to its original condition. Many documents, appliances, and other household items also can be restored.

Among the list of important items that typically can be restored by our IICRC-certified technicians include:

  • Documents – important files, birth certificates, passports, legal papers and medical records
  • Appliances – televisions, blenders, laptop computers, lighting fixtures, refrigerators and other electrical devices
  • Furniture – sofas, chairs, tables, cabinets, couches, beds and much more

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Trust Your Contents to Anchor Services

When you need professional restoration services to give your damaged items a new lease on life, trust your priceless possessions to Anchor Services. We have spent years helping homeowners and business owners throughout Little Rock & the Northwest Arkansas area rebound from the effects of water, fire, smoke and soot damages. We have the expertise and the equipment to your possessions and your life back in order. Contact us online or give us a call at 479-888-5533 to learn more about our restoration services. 

Awards & Affiliation

  • IICRC Award and Affiliation
  • DKI Award and Affiliation