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Presbyterian Village
Little Rock, AR
5 Stars
Aug 9th, 2018
We've never had a need for this type of service before, but when we had a water damage emergency, it quickly became apparent we would need some major professional help quickly. It is largely about time and getting started as quickly as possible. Their crew was here within hours of the water damage first occurring and they brought plenty of gear to address the problems we were facing. They worked well with us and coordinated with our staff. They took into consideration not just our residents who were directly affected by the flooding and their resulting issues but also those unaffected but near the affected areas. They spent as much time as was necessary to get things dried out. When it came time to put things back together, they had access to the people necessary to check the air and to put things back together in multiple rooms. I would recommend Anchor to anyone who finds themselves in a place, standing in water, where water is not supposed to be.
Chris M.
Benton, AR
5 Stars
Aug 9th, 2018
I was very happy with the quick response we got when we had plumbing issues that needed water remediation. They also handled the re-build/repair from the damage after the problem was fixed. They were very professional and helpful through the entire process. I would definitely use them again.
Patti J
Little Rock, AR
5 Stars
Aug 5th, 2018
within two hours of calling these great folks were on site to deal with smoke and water damage.
Robert W
Bryant, AR
5 Stars
Aug 4th, 2018
Great folks interested in restoring your property to the finest detail.

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Anchor Services Reviews
5 Stars
5.00 out of 5 stars based on 4 customer reviews.

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